More Jeunesse RESERVE Testimonials

DISCLAIMER: This article on the following testimonials on Jeunesse Reserve are not meant to replace doctor’s advice or medical attention.  These are simply testimonials of happy Reserve users and how it improved their quality of life.

TJeunesse-Reserve-testimony-Stroke-healthyhis stroke patient had paralysis on one side of his body. He took 2 sachets Jeunesse RESERVE ™  and AM / PM Essentials every day.  Twenty-eight days later, a huge improvement as you can see from the images.




This woman reported that her uncle suffered a mild stroke. Even after 6 months, he still was recovering slowly as far as body movements and mental focus are concerned. After taking RESERVE ™ for only 4 days, he could feel his energy and mental focus coming back. In addition, he has fully gained back control of his body movements, as per testimony.


Reserve Diabetic footAndrew was a diabetic and was scheduled to have a leg amputation in a few weeks.  He was introduced to RESERVE ™ and took it while waiting for his scheduled amputation.  After a few weeks, the improvement on his right leg was so great that the amputation was not needed and it saved Andrew’s leg!



This patient had gangrene on her finger, she was supposed to have an amputation in 9 Diabetic Finger and Reservedays. She was introduced to RESERVE ™ and on the third day, she felt such pain, she wanted to have the amputation.  The doctor congratulated her as she had blood flow again on her limbs and the amputation was not needed.

multiple sclerosis and Reserve


This is Alvin Phua.  He has had multiple sclerosis for 13 years.  During those years he had many attacks that made him paralyzed and in a wheelchair. He was also blind in one eye and had many disabilities. In May 2011 he went for chemo treatment which made him weak.

During that time he was introduced to Jeunesse, and he tried RESERVE ™ without having much hope.  To his surprise, he felt more energy, he felt getting stronger and recovering faster.  His walking and bladder control are back to normal. Thanks to RESERVE ™, he gained back his quality of life!



Reserve and ParkinsonsThis 75-year-old man from Taiwan was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. He needed two helpers to help him walk properly. After consuming RESERVE ™ every day for six months, he can now walk, jog without any assistance.




Please bear in mind that these are mere testimonials of improvements felt by happy Jeunesse RESERVE users and no claim to cure or healing is being made. Doctor’s advice and medical attention should be strictly followed.

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