Why Are Antioxidants Good You Ask?

We always hear about free radicals and antioxidants.  So why are antioxidants good you wonder?  Antioxidants are substances that prevent cell damage. This cell damage is due to the free radicals within our body that cause oxidation. Free radicals are commonly a result of diet, smoking, stress, alcohol, inflammation, drugs, exposure to sunlight, and air pollutants. … Read more

More Jeunesse RESERVE Testimonials

DISCLAIMER: This article on the following testimonials on Jeunesse Reserve are not meant to replace doctor’s advice or medical attention.  These are simply testimonials of happy Reserve users and how it improved their quality of life. This stroke patient had paralysis on one side of his body. He took 2 sachets Jeunesse RESERVE ™  and … Read more

Jeunesse RESERVE Testimonials

DISCLAIMER: This article about Jeunesse RESERVE Testimonials does not intend to replace doctor’s recommendation and treatment on patients. In no way does this article claim any medical cure nor healing and professional medical attention should still be strictly followed. The following testimonials are just actual experiences of patients who took RESERVE™ Anti-Oxidant Fruit Blend. A Few of Many … Read more

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